Momentum Medical Scheme in the News 2021

2020 is officially behind us and while you may want to dwell in the spirit of lazing around, grabbing this year, the Momentum Medical Scheme membership is once again above the 150 000 families mark! Our students on the Ingwe option now have access to a COVID testing guide help them to get through the process with no confusion.

Momentum Medical Scheme recently launched a COVID-19 Self-help WhatsApp bot, aimed at making it easy and simple to obtain authorisations for related testing and treatment. The Scheme also completed a digital wrap that members can use to find out in three easy steps when they can expect to be vaccinated (based on their age profile, job category and co-morbidities). Momentum Health Solutions is also involved in various government and industry think-tanks to collectively find solutions to the pandemic, and pursue ways in which to speed vaccinations, while staying updated on vaccine efficacy testing.