Acknowledgements for 2020

Orla Quinlan, President (2019-2020)

IEASA is an organization that relies on the passion, dedication, integrity and voluntary support of members committed to internationalisation of higher education and the role IEASA plays in the Higher Education sector. We are also very grateful for the pro bono advice we receive from professional allies, who believe in the work we do. 2020 was a year during which we adapted to the COVID 19 restrictions and we moved to working online.

For 2020, our sincere thanks go to:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers for completing the 2019 IEASA financial audit.
  • Momentum Medical Scheme, CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme, and Simeka Health for partnering with IEASA on the Medical Aid Project.
  • Judge Pillay for his valuable engagement and legal advice in revising the IEASA Constitution;
  • Advocate Matshidiso Hashatshe for sharing legal advice and experience.
  • Council Members: Wiseman Jack, Deputy President (VUT), Dr Lavern Samuels, Treasurer (DUT), Umesh Bawa (UWC), Normah Zondo (UKZN), Dr Tasmeera Singh (UKZN), Dr Segun Obadire (UNIVEN), Lebethe Malefo (UJ), Huba Boschoff, (Nuffic Neso) and Janet Van Rhyn (USAf) for their commitment and work on governance and strategy, especially their considered input to IEASA’s new guiding documents, the five year Strategic plan and the Constitution.
  • IEASA office staff: Tohiera Bagus, IEASA Manager; Dr Samia Chasi, IEASA Strategic Advisor, for their exceptional commitment and adaptability during a year that was such a dramatic departure from the way we did things, prior to 2020.
  • Each and every member of the Directors Forum, for keeping each other alert to issues that might affect our collective work, sharing institutional news and achievements, asking questions, sharing problem-solving approaches and commenting on IEASAs’ new documents. The group communicated regularly via a WhatsApp group and held two meetings on Zoom in 2020. The President would particularly like to thank:
    • Lebethe Malefo for his continued assistance on matters pertaining to immigration throughout 2020 and for moderating webinars with the DHA;
    • Normah Zondo for sharing media and government alerts about COVID-19 throughout the year and
    • Anisa Khan for alerting us to the release of the DHET policy framework for the internationalization of higher education.
  • The Publication Committee: Huba Boshoff, Chair, Divinia Jithoo and Alecia Erasmus, and Tohiera Bagus, Project Manager for their work in ensuring the delivery of the 19th edition of Study SA and all the contributors. The publication may be downloaded from the IEASA website (
  • The general membership of IEASA for their voluntary services to IEASA:
    • Sarah van der Westhuizen (SU), Anisa Khan (SU) and Quinter Onyango (UFH) for initiating new working groups in IEASA in 2020.
    • Debby Wolhuter for her administrative support and financial analysis. 
    • Dr Savo Heleta and Ms Lara Dunwell for reading and commenting on earlier drafts of IEASA documents.  
    • Vinay Rajah for her insight, enthusiasm, continuing support, commitment, reading of IEASA’s draft documents and assistance with completing the 2019 narrative report.
  • Webinar presenters and moderators: The webinar series was initiated by Tohiera Bagus. The Presenters included: Sarah van der Westhuizen, Stellenbosch University; Phindiwe Mbhele, DHA; Dr Samia Chasi, IEASA; M Mabizela, DHET and Representatives from Compcare and Momentum.
  • Our African Network for Internationalisation of Education (ANIE) colleagues for renewing our strategic partnership with a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU
  •  ANIE and all our speakers and moderators for collaborating in our joint conference themed “Innovation and Resilience in Higher Education in an Era of Covid-19 and beyond” (
  • leaders of the Network of International Education Association (NIEA), who reviewed and commented on IEASA’s five-year strategy.
  • the VC of Rhodes University, Dr Sizwe Mabizela, for his support to the President to attend the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) Conference and NIEA meeting on behalf of IEASA in February 2020.
  • To each and everyone of you who showed kindness and offered support, during a year of great personal loss for many of our members.