IEASA advocates on behalf of international students and staff with regard to visa-related matters such as applications, processing procedures, interventions and exemptions. In these efforts, IEASA is guided by RELEVANT LEGISLATION, including the following:

For more information about immigration matters, please consult
IEASA has a long-standing collaboration with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), which has resulted in the following:
  • IEASA is the preferred contact for the Department in terms of its immigration-related communication with the South African higher education sector.
  • South Africa’s public HEIs have been included as clients being serviced by the DHA’s Corporate Accounts Unit (CAU).
  • IEASA and the DHA regularly co-host workshops on immigration topics.

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We open up international contacts which will benefit students, our tertiary institutions and will assist South Africa to be a competitor and participant in world markets.

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