Simple how to guide for COVID-19 cover

Most of us have gone on with business as usual, trying not to let the pandemic distract us from normal life. But students all wonder – if they do get COVID-19, where do they get tested, who will pay for it, what if the result is negative and they just had a sore throat?

For a COVID019 test to be covered, a student need to either 1) be showing symptoms that are related to COVID-19 infection or 2) have left South Africa during lockdown level 5, in March 2020; and are returning to South Africa for the first time since then.

Click here to view our COVID-19 pocket guide, and perhaps save it somewhere handy in case you ever need it. It was written and designed to be short and straightforward, so they can understand their cover in under two minutes.

And please remember, winter is coming and it is expected to bring a third wave of deadly infections – let’s all learn to love and wear those masks and practise social distancing and responsible sanitisation, especially when visiting one of our walk-in service centres.