Working from home

Dr Savo Heleta

I never thought I would spend so much time working from my home office. It is good having a space at home where I can focus on my work, reading and writing. It helps being surrounded by books, and drawing inspiration from them. While working from home is ok, I do miss interacting with people. Hopefully we will be able to interact with each other in person soon again.

The joys of working from home

When the lockdown started and I had to leave our offices, it felt like my world was crumbling. How was I going to work? How will I communicate with my colleagues at the office? Will this ever end? These are the questions I asked myself. As I settled down to work after a few days, I found it difficult. I had to create a space to work because I have no home office, I had to juggle work and home responsibilities and teach my family to know when I am at work and not available. The emails and whatsapp messages were coming in thick and fast, there were 4 to 5 meetings in a day which I was struggling to juggle and I found myself “techno-fatigued”.

Fast forward 5 months later, this is the best thing that could have ever happened after 35 years of flat out working! Now, I determine what time I start at the office and don’t have to drive, I am more in touch with colleagues because I get prompt responses, there is no disturbance from unannounced visitors, I have lunch at home, I can change scenario of where I sit to work and I can tend to my garden in between! Most of all, I have been able to think and strategize for our division, something I never had time to do because I had to “hit the ground running”.

“working from home or living from work”

Mr Moses Pieterse

“Working from home or living from work”