Momentum – Turning 2021 into 20Everyone – New dawn for health, hope and beyond#

Turning 2021 into 20Everyone – New dawn for health, hope and beyond#

By: Momentum Medical Scheme

Fortunately, South Africa’s resilience in facing the COVID-19 pandemic has seen us progress to Lockdown Level 1.

Having just presented our annual benefit launch, Momentum Medical Scheme built on the theme of “New horizons – a new dawn for health and hope”, where we look to extend more health to more people in South Africa, for less.

Annual contribution increase

The Scheme was able to announce one of the lowest weighted annual increases in the industry for 2021 at just 3,9%. It was able to do so as a result of its favourable average member age, but also because of Momentum’s focus on providing stability and affordability, especially during these uncertain times.

Momentum will be relaunching HealthSaver to our student members, offering them flexibility in contributing either R100 a month or a minimum of R5 00 once-off.  In 2021, HealthSaver members who make monthly contributions will get free access to Hey Jude, the world’s first human-powered digital assistant. Imagine how helpful that could prove to be for an international student when they land in South Africa and need to find something, like a place to rent or study material! Finally, January will see the announcement of a range of new Multiply+ partners to interact with and enjoy savings.

Digitally enabled and empowered

We have launched new apps, products and features to help students get the best out of their cover; but we have also kept the old favourites and put more effort in simplifying their usability. Our new Wellness app, Coach in your pocket, provides the easiest, safest and most convenient access to expert advice, coaching and wellness resources. With Hello Doctor, students can still enjoy the benefits of 24/7 access to a medical practitioner who can respond to their concerns and questions immediately.

We’ve also enhanced the usage of our Momentum App, making it easier to request authorisations, submit claims and manage their HealthSaver account. Students that still need help with their scheme benefits and other, can live chat with us through our webchat function on, access our brand new Help Center or WhatsApp us on +27 860 102 493.

Over the past ten years, Momentum Health Medical Scheme has experienced 92% membership growth at an average of 7.5% per year for the period, despite the highly competitive environment, stagnant medical scheme membership and challenging economy. Momentum Health Medical Scheme still remains one of the schemes with the youngest beneficiary average age of less than 33 years. This means the Scheme has been able to attract and retain the right members through its flexible benefit offering, which allows members to personalise an option that suits their needs and pocket.

Thanks to our innovative product offering and competitive contribution rates, Momentum Medical Scheme has far outperformed our competitors when it comes to steady growth and offering solutions that cater to the needs of a younger market. Watch this space for more details on how Momentum is making sure that we remain your partner of choice throughout your life and health journey.

All the best!

Student team – Momentum Medical Scheme