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The fluctuating geo-political reorganisation of the world is said to be affecting the way internationalisation is practiced. Being questioned at different forums, are the past practices of internationalisation. Required now is proactive engagement with the new challenges on a global scale in order to protect and promote those elements of Internationalisation worth preserving and strengthening.

Internationalisation of Higher Education has in the past mainly been conceptualised and driven by the education systems of North-America, Europe, the UK, and Australia. Higher Education systems from the emerging world have been largely excluded from serious debates. As a result, the Internationalisation Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) hosted a Global Dialogue at the Athanaeum in Port Elizabeth from the 15th –17th of January 2014. The focus of the Global Dialogue was on the future agenda of Internationalisation of Higher Education. In announcing the Global Dialogue, the question raised was if the Internationalisation of Higher Education could focus on the emerging and developing world. The Global Dialogue therefore also focused on the following question:

Is the current global debate, which originates in the developing world, about the re-thinking of Internationalisation of Higher Education relevant given the uneven levels of development of Higher Education systems globally?

Further to this question, the following linked question was also discussed.
What, if anything, should the developing world be doing differently in their practice of Higher Education Internationalisation to be relevant globally?

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