Africa Week 2020- NMU International Office

The Office for International Education had to do all of their events as online events due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Public Relations department has embraced the digital era by producing online events in place of our usual face-to-face strategy. The COVID-19 lockdown has restricted the international office from celebrating Africa Week like it has been celebrated in the past.

To celebrate Africa Week the Office for International Education has conducted a lot of research about Africa and the many countries within Africa. Many of the International students are from Africa, the aim was to mostly include countries where the office has students from.

Africa is divided into North, South, West, East and Central Africa. Each day of the week was focused on one of the regions of Africa.

Social media platforms were our main focus for this event. Visual methods such as online social media post designs and educational posters were used for the week long online event. Did you know facts and quizzes was posted on social media daily to educate international and local students about Africa and the many different regions.

The quizzes we conducted on our social media platforms allowed for some interaction for our followers. The “did you know” posters educated our followers on certain countries of each of the regions from Africa.

The office had a competition for the best dressed “African inspired” attire. The aim was to get students involved and allow them to dress up to take a picture and stand a chance at winning one of the prizes.