Our membership options consist of two options: Individual Memberships or Institutional memberships.

There are 3 types of Individual Membership: Regular, Student & Africa as well as Institutions from other parts of the world.

Regular: The Executive Committee may nominate any person who by virtue of his/her vocation, position or interest is committed to the objects of the Association and who has made application fo individual Membership on the prescribed form.



Open by application to individuals enrolled as full time students in South African institutions of higher learning. Application for membership must be accompanied by verification of enrolment in a full course of study, by an appropriate university official. (e.g registrar)

Annual fee: R135.00

Africa and institutions from other parts of the world

Annual Fee: Africa – Regular: R450.00
Overseas: US$135

Institutions: Africa/Associated Organisations/Student Associations/Corporate: R10 800.00
Overseas: US$1190

We open up international contacts which will benefit students, our tertiary institutions and will assist South Africa to be a competitor and participant in world markets.

Institutional Membership:

Select from our 2 available institutional memberships for: Academic Institutions, Associated organisations.

Academic Institutions: Any Educational institution, as well as training and research facilities in South Africa enrolling one or more international student. An International Student is defined as anyone who is enrolled in a course in South Africa, who is not a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa.

Application for such membership shall be made on the prescribed form. Each Institutional member shall be entitled to appoint a representative and an alternative representative from the institution. The names of these representatives shall be notified in writing to the Honorary Secretary of Association. No appointment shall be effective until it has been approved in writing by the IEASA Executive Committee. The representative of the alternative representative of the organisation, institution or association shall be entitled to attend, speak and vote at any meeting of theAssociation that is open to its individual members. These representatives will also receives notices and circulars that are sent to its individual members.

Annual Fee: R10 800
Overseas:US$1 190

Associated organisations: Any organisation or association having objects similar in whole or in part to the Association may be admitted by the Executive Committee to the status of an Associated Organisation. The terms and conditions of such association shall be fixed in each case by an agreement in writing between the Executive Committee of IEASA and the Associated Organisation.

This category includes:

Student Associations:
Campus organisations recognised and approved by the umbrella student association of each university and college applying. The organisation must be international in its objectives and nature and must also generally represent each of the national groups on its campuses or within the Institution. Only one such organisation per campus may apply to be an IEASA member. Applications must be accompanied by a statement of purpose, activities, and proof of recognition by an appropriate institutional official. (e,g. Dean of Student Services).

Annual Fee: R10 800.00


Corporations, professional associations ad service provisers, foundations, governments andgovernmental departments with special interest in International Education exchange.

Annual Fee: R10 800.00

African and Foreign Institutions:
Academic or non-academic institutions outside of South Africa. Two representatives are allotted for the base fee as indicated below. Payment must be made in South African Rands.

Fee: Africa R10 800.00
Other Foreign Institutions: $1 190.00

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